“Kaori’s work is very beneficial …because she cuts through to a core issue by tapping into a client's right brain, kinesthetic memory and emotional core. As a result, clients open up…. I recommend her work to my patients who experience anxiety and depression issues, and especially for anyone who has been stuck on the same issue…I have seen and listened to her work with my patients, and am impressed with the gift Kaori has.”

– Shar Kunovsky, LMHC, JD, MA, Overlake Psychotherapy & Eastside DBT

Kaori worked with me in a series of twelve ½-hour sessions for a period of four months via phone.  She not only helped me to recover from a heartbreak, but abetted me in gathering strength and courage from within to confront my insecurities and fears.  I was blessed to have her spiritual guidance to finally make healthy changes in my life and achieve long awaited aspirations such as autonomy from family, moving out and getting a place of my own, reaching out to my estranged father, getting out into the dating world, losing weight and loving my body.  My life changed drastically andI finally felt I was back on track.  I am grateful to Kaori for all her coaching, love and support.  She is definitely one of a kind!  I trust and have faith in her gift that I’m back, once again, seeking her Coaching via Skype.  My emotional baggage keeps getting in the way of my own happiness.  I am ready to trash it, reach my healthy goal weight, and be open to true love.  I cannot thank Kaori enough for what she has already done for me and for what I know she will do to help me achieve soon.  Many thanks Kaori!!!  Love ya!

-M.Diaz, Los Angeles,CA, Biologist“

I was “stuck” for many years. It was frustrating and not being able to begin to see the forest from the trees compounded the frustration. That all changed when I met Kaori Oto.  First off, it was easy to talk to her. Her energy was welcoming. With a combination of her knowledge, skill, and experience, Kaori was able to help me reach back 30, 40, even 50 years into my life to help me recall events that I had long buried and which had contributed to the roadblocks and hurdles that had been part of my life. Kaori’s Break Through session helped me to recognize, acknowledge and overcome those roadblocks and hurdles and now I am able to continue my life’s journey with contentment and peace of mind. This experience has also helped me to understand how emotional release plays an integral role in biomechanical and physiological healing. I now recommend Kaori's services to my patients as part of a multi-faceted approach for overall health and well-being. 

-Dr.Richard Levine,Chiropractor and Author, Bellevue, WA


Due to the past sexual abuse, I had decided I was culpable, guilty, and I blamed on myself for what happened. I was so good at keeping a distance from people over 50 years of my life, that even my wife and daughter could not reach me.  My reason to ask for a help from Kaori was to have a relationship with them. As a result of Breakthrough session, I can feel all the spectrum of emotions. My relationship with daughter is getting better and better. I am living my life with intention and stepping up for my family. The biggest change is that now I have value and love for myself. I don’t hate myself any more. I finally accept the love from God, and am living with him.  I am a different person.

–D.S, Seattle, WA

I have had several sessions with Kaori. I have been very impressed with her intuitiveness and ability to zero in on the areas of my life that have the most room for personal growth. She is very patient and nonjudgmental, but at the same time she will challenge you to move beyond your comfort zone. This is exactly what I needed.I highly recommend Kaori's services to anyone who is at a crossroads in their life and / or just wants to make sure they are on the right path. Her guidance has been very helpful in breaking me out of my rut, and even my wife has noticed positive changes in me since I started working with her.

-Blake. P, Kirkland, WA, Hedge Fund Manager

I had an amazing Energy System Consultation with Kaori! I felt the information she shared with me was very accurate. She offered valuable insight on some important aspects in my life. With the information I gained from one session, I have been able to shift some perceptions and Ideas so they are more aligned with what I want for myself. I feel I now have the freedom to live the life I have envisioned for myself! Thank you, Kaori! 

-Dr. Christine Zapata, Chiropractor.  Seattle, WA

I would highly recommend Kaori Oto as a life coach in your organization. Kaori has been my life coach since March 2013 and has helped me reach my goal of living with less fear and connecting with my inner wisdom. Kaori is what I needed in my life to move past traumas and live more freely without fear. I am now connected to my “whole” self and cultivating inner peace. I am finally living with less fear and have the ability to move forward with a career that will give me more time to create and live the life I want. 

–N.T, Seattle, WA

I had an overwhelming sense of disconnect within myself and thought reading might give some insight. Kaori is very professional in her explanation and presentation of the process she follows when completing a reading. At no point did I question her genuineness nor did I feel any form of skepticism. She began my reading and described frustrations I was only mildly aware of. She continued through each section of my reading and it was as if there was sudden clarity and a coming together of myself that finally understood why I had been feeling an undertone of unrest. At the end of the reading Kaori recapped the information she had uncovered and we then began a suitable plan of exercise that would allow for me practice desired change. I walked away from the reading feeling enlightened and encouraged and would highly recommend anyone who is in a state of uncertainty to give it a try.

– Jessica S. Seattle

What I gained through Energy System Consultation was a deep sense of self assurance and self-love. Kaori's consultation helped me to realize that I do have everything I need towards the direction I want to move on in my life, and by trusting and loving myself, I will be able to see my own gift in this world. She also instructed me how to ground my energy, and through her guidance, I was able to release headaches which I had for a long time. Since then, I find myself more relaxed and am confident because I know my life purpose. I am very thankful to God that I met Kaori. She is my trustworthy life coach! 

-M.M, Bellevue, WA  

I am a bit of a "doubting Thomas" by nature so always have an element of skepticism when approaching something new, especially something as ephemeral as psychic/energetic work. With all that havingbeen said, I must say I was truly impressed by the accuracy and insightfulness of Kaori's reading. She was able to very accurately capture very detailed, nuanced elements of my past and my personalitythat I seldom, if ever, have shared with others. I found the entire experience very affirming of my own self-awareness and it helped me to clarify areas of my life on which I wish to focus in my developmentand/or change efforts.I highly recommend considering a visit to Kaori if you are seeking a deeper understanding of yourself, both to affirm existing awareness and to uncover previously unexplored aspects of yourself that guide your behaviors, so that you can make more informed choices about the future direction of your life. 

- Scott V, Seattle, WA

I would like to share my amazing experience and great quality of service I received from Kaori. The integrative body work was very helpful and she somehow combined gentle, supportive, nurturing energy work with a smooth transition to encourage me to open up and feel safe enough to share some of my self-sabotaging, self-limiting beliefs and help me to clarify my goals and desires. This helped to release a lot of emotional pain as well as physical pain without feeling intrusive when we had some sort of dialogue during the body work.   I was experiencing a clear energetic difference right after which may me feel lighter, more positive and social and much calmer or less anxious. Within 24 hours I felt like I had actually received some Serotonin neurotransmitters recirculation and actually felt some joy which people ordinarily experience when they are healthy and happy but which I had been lacking for a long time.

Everything was clean and professional, I was greeted in a positive manner,   and I was checked on afterward and given a follow up email to see how I was doing. This was all without a pressure for further work.   Highly recommended!

- Jeff R, MA LMHC, Seattle, WA

The reading with Kaori helped me to understand myself better.   After the reading I was able to fight my fear. I am very grateful for her advice to do the trip in spite of the fear.  As a result my trip to Russia was wonderful, it was the best time I ever had.   After the trip I was able to break relationship that was not healthy for me with a person who was putting me down.   

-O.V, Redmond, WA


Kaori helped bring light into an area that we have felt stuck in for a long time. She was able to gently guide us into our hearts and inner most selves to help reveal the things that are most meaningful to us as individuals and as a couple. Her reading about our relationship's energy was very accurate and her suggestions continue to help us greatly as we do the work and make the shifts we were seeking. She speaks with clarity and wisdom and sensitivity! We are incredibly grateful for Kaori's intuitive gifts! To our delight Kaori was able to achieve such insight and trust through Skype.

- Julie and Stephen Kris, NY



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