What is Intuitive Energy Reading?

It is an Intuitive reading into a client energetic space. Individuals and a couple form a unique energy field called Aura. There are distinct 7 layers of the auric field which generated by 7 corresponding energy center, chakra. By tapping into them, Kaori will retrieve beneficial information for your inquiry.




What happens during a consultation?

After asking your intention for a session, Kaori will read 7 layers of the aura, and 2 past lives. A session can be recorded as your request, so you can listen to it again. You will have time to ask questions to Kaori. A typical session for an individual takes one hour, and for a couple, 90 minutes. The reading can be done at the Northgate office or from your comfort of home via SKYPE or phone. Kaori needs access to the client's voice to read energy.

What questions do people ask during a consultation?

Clients come for a consultation with Kaori desiring to clarify their current life situations and wanting to make certain decisions. The main areas of inquiry are relationship, career, health/fitness, personal growth and spirituality. Regular clients use her services as a regular checkup to maximize their energy flow of mind, body and spirit.



Can Kaori predict a future?

No. She is not a psychic.  Kaori will use her intuition to read the energy of clients and will communicate the predictable future based on the current energy flow.  During the reading and coaching, you will learn how to focus on redirecting your attention and energy to manifest the future of your choice. 


What is the youngest age-appropriate for energy consultation?

The youngest Kaori provided reading is 13 years old, a teenager with a guardian’s approval. If you are younger than 18 years old, a parent or guardian can ask questions on behalf of a client.



Do both partners have to be present for a couple’s reading?

Not necessary. Kaori can access to a couple’s dynamic through a client’s energy field. Each person holds a unique reality, so individual sessions may be recommended prior to a couple's reading. Contact Kaori for any questions. The session can be done at her office or via SKYPE or FaceTime.



Does Kaori work with medical providers?

Yes. Physicians and therapists refer their patients to Kaori. With your request, the recording of the session can be sent to your medical providers.





Do I need to believe in energy and past lives?

No. You don’t need to believe anything unless it makes sense and beneficial to you. The way Kaori conveys the information is nonjudgmental but clear and precise.

You don’t have to believe in past lives either. Kaori read past lives to remind clients about their wisdom, life experience they already have within them as well as to clarify a “theme” of your current situation. You can take the information as a metaphor and use it to construct your reality. 




Is Energy Consultation religious?

No. Concept of human energy field is universal and ancient. Recent science and technologies are contributing to prove life force energy, Qi in Japanese.  The consultation is about empowering your ecological choices in life, not to against what's working for you. 




What is Inner Self Reconnection?

It is a combination of guided imaginary under light trance or hypnotic induction. Clients discover true desire and even resolve internal conflicts.  While Kaori guides you through, she is using intuition and energy healing to support the process. A client stays fully dressed and in a relaxed state. This service is  In-person, or via SKYPE or FaceTime using long-distance healing method. You may combine with Energy Consultation or coaching with this service.






What is Coaching and who needs them?

Coaching is a personal and professional service to help the client to achieve a specific goal or goals by creating positive changes in their lives. Anyone who wants to have better and richer life benefits from Kaori’s coaching through focusing on personal goals such as relationships, time management, work-life balance, stress reduction and health. Kaori is a certified Strategic Intervention and Marriage Education and Divorce Prevention Coach.



What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching is to assist the client in their goal, not to diagnose or treat hem. As a coaching, Kaori will not treat your medical conditions or provide therapy. Her coaching is focused on increasing your energy, motivation, strategy and effectivity using the mindset of success, creating an empowering habit and facilitating healthy emotional release. If you are currently under the care of medical providers and have the interest to work with Kaori, contact her to find out how you can create a collaboration. 



What is a Breakthrough session and Mental Emotional Release technique®?

It is an intensive personal growth and development session using Mental Emotional technique® (MER), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and light hypnotic induction technique. MER is a clinically researched approach to help you release stress, anxiety, fear and other negative emotions. You will be able to utilize MER to overcome procrastination, depression and phobias (please contact your medical providers if you are under their care). A Breakthrough session provides lasting change for an individual. The typical session runs 6-8 hours. Kaori is a certified Trainer of Mental and Emotional Release® at the Practitioner Level.

Click here to read the article “Efficacy Study of Mental Emotional Release®Therapy for Depressive Disorders” by Dr. Patrick Ross Scott



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