Where to start?


The process of working with Kaori is like remodeling your home.


First ask yourself what you want, and then decide what scale of the change you are ready for.

If you want to grasp a current life situation, desire to shake off the stagnation, or simply have a regular checkup of your energy,  the intuitive Energy Reading is the one to start.  


Kaori often collaborates with your therapist to bring an intuitive perspective which generates a welcoming shift in your therapy.  Also, she offers coaching service to those who are ready to take actions towards the desired goal. 


If you are at the stage of a major remodeling, Kaori will assist you in creating a breakthrough in the relationships, career or health. The package deal or customized plan is available. 


Call or email Kaori if you have a question. 








Kaori is trained to read human energy filed called aura and the past lives. She will access your life energy filed through intuition and give you a picture of what's going on in your life.  This expanded perspective helps her clients to understand their life situation and direct their energy towards the solution.  


Kaori's approach is straight forward and grounded with practical applications, yet compassionate and non-judgmental.

Her clients often report they feel validated and empowered after the reading. 

Think about your intention and desired outcome before the appointment. 


-1hr $120. Session is available in- a person or SKYPE or FaceTime 



 Inner Self Reconnection (ISR) is guided imagery.  Using her intuition, Kaori will guide you into the inner psyche of the subconscious where your emotions and memory are seated.  When we know what to do yet have difficulty to take actions or you feel disconnected in body-mind,  ISR is an effective way to create a change and bring a sense of peace.  Through light hypnotic trance state, you will connect with the emotional part of you while your body will be relaxed and refreshed. 

Clients often remember forgotten piece of memories to answer their own questions or increased self-acceptance and compassion forward yourself and others. 


Wear comfortable cloth.  


-1hr $120 in person or SKYPE or FaceTime available.




Coaching is a proven method to redirect attention and energy to create a targeted result. More than anything, my job and passion as a coach are to believe in you when you have difficulty believing in yourself. 

In addition, Kaori brings intuitive guidance, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique and a wide variety of somatoemotional release modalities to assist you. 


Her specialty in coaching is relationship communication, career direction, and self-expression in general. 


Kaori is a Mental Emotional Release® (MER) practitioner, a certified Strategic Intervention and Divorce Prevention Coach. She has worked and consulted over 300 individuals and business clients. 


A recommended length of coaching is a minimum of 6 months and 1 year is ideal to create a powerful transformation. 

Set up a complimentary 30 minutes consultation to find out how Kaori can assist you.  



-1hr $120 in person or SKYPE or FaceTime available.  Contact us for a package coaching rate for 2019.

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