Does the love you desire feel out of reach? Do you feel spinning off trying to achieve your goals? or do your successes  leave you unsatisfied? Do you crave the ability to unlock your own sense of wellbing? Are you trying hard, but not getting anywhere? What if the difficult journey to love, health or succes is truly as simple as discovering your own path to authenticity?


Nearly a decade, Kaori Oto has helped her clients to tap into their own essece and passion, and guided them in their own personal growth to have happiness they seek, and become a whole being.


All too often, we wast our time and energy chasing after a remedy when what we need  is already within us.  Through Kaori's reading and coaching you can break through your past limitations and disbeliefs, doubts  to own your authentic desire and live as most attractive and fulfilling self.


What would your life be when you express yourself without limitations?


Kaori will guide you:


• Discovering the cause of your challenge

• Find a key to unblock it for healing

• Integrating your purpose, vision and values

• Create effective strategies for your outcome  


Are you ready to let go of your struggle and set yourself free? Contact Kaori today !





I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free





“Kaori’s work is very beneficial …because she cuts through to a core issue by tapping into a client's right brain, kinesthetic memory and emotional core. As a result, clients open up"


– Shar Kunovsky, LMHC, JD, MA, Overlake Psychotherapy & Eastside DBT


"Kaori is a trusted advisor who I turn to when I am in need to a deeper understanding buried under my consciousness. Every time I receive an extremely valuable insight into something that I need to be aware of to achieve my intentions."

-Tanarin A. New York, NY

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